Good Gamer Rolls Out Tournament Management Software

Good Gamer rolls out tournament management software


Good Gamer Entertainment Inc. has launched the Good Gamer tournament management platform (TMP) and has launched its first two real-money skill-based game titles on the platform, Balloon Protect and Lava Monster.

Good Gamer’s TMP expands the gaming ecosystem by turning Unity-based mobile games into Esports tournaments, giving iOS and Android mobile gamers the opportunity to compete against friends, family and people in North America for real-money prizes.

The TMP offers configurable head-to-head and multi-player tournaments as well as a dynamic leaderboard feature. The TMP includes a number of key features that gamers will find beneficial, including a variety of tournament types, loyalty rewards, player rankings, and a highly responsive customer support service layer.

Good Gamer is also pleased to announce the launch of its first two published games utilizing the TMP technology, Balloon Protect and Lava Monster.

Balloon Protect is an action-packed arcade game where users can earn real money by swiping left and right to keep their balloon rising up without being destroyed. Users have the ability to play heads-up against a random opponent for real cash prizes, or join daily Classic, Super, Battle, Rumble, Mayhem, Series, and Cup Tournaments and win cash prizes.

Lava Monster is an addictive and challenging skill-based puzzle game where users can earn real cash prizes by using strategy and problem-solving to lead their Lava Monster to safety. Users have the ability to play alone or enter leaderboard tournaments.

“We are ecstatic about the launch of the first of many games to be featured on the Good Gamer tournament management platform,” said GoodGamer CEO, Charlo Barbosa. “I look forward to seeing the market’s response to our new and improved spin on a classic favourite, which allows users to earn real cash instead of paying $2-4 for in-app purchases.”

Balloon Protect and Lava monster are both now available on the iOS App Store. In addition, Balloon Protect is also available in the Samsung Galaxy store. Prize tournaments are not available in regions where skill-based gaming is prohibited.

Good Gamer is also excited to announce the launch of its new corporate site, . will remain as the portal for Good Gamer’s TMP games.

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