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VANCOUVER, BC, October 31, 2022 – Good Gamer Entertainment Inc. (TSXV: GOOD) (OTCQB: GGAMF) (“Good Gamer” or the “Company”), a multi-faceted play-to-earn mobile games, app, and platform developer, is pleased to provide the following business update:

Playcash Play-To-Earn Game Discovery Platform Launch

The Playcash play-to-earn game discovery platform from Good Gamer was successfully beta-tested and released in the Google Play Store in August 2022. Playcash is a platform for finding new games that rewards users with Playcash for downloading and playing games or completing surveys. Players can exchange their Playcash rewards for gift cards from the biggest online merchants and prepaid charge cards from the two most well-known credit card providers through Playcash.

Since its debut, Playcash has amassed over 40,000 installs in the Google Play Store and offers players hundreds of games to choose from in order to accrue loyalty points. All types of mobile games, including arcade, puzzle, social casino, and hypercasual games, are available for free in the app.

“We are very pleased with the response to the beta launch of Playcash,” said Good Gamer CEO Charlo Barbosa. “In addition to increasing the number of games and game partnerships we provide, we have been working on polishing the app. For the fourth quarter of this year, we will be concentrating on an aggressive user acquisition approach. People are searching for more side gigs due to rising unemployment and inflation, and since playing hypercasual games is a simple method for people to pass the time, Playcash is a terrific recession-proof offering. In contrast to other play-to-earn blockchain games, Playcash relies solely on advertising revenue, and not cryptocurrency.”

Upcoming Web Based Game Platform Launch

The imminent release of Good Gamer’s Web-based gaming platform for desktop and mobile customers is a new upcoming product the Company is excited to announce. Over 1,500 games, including 2-player, multiplayer, hypercasual, puzzle, 3D, action, adventure, arcade, social, sports, and more, will be available on the Good Gamer platform. The platform is anticipated to launch in mid-November 2022, followed soon after by a B2B offering aimed at mobile app developers. Publishers will be eligible to receive a revenue share of any advertising revenue generated by their users who play Good Gamer games.

“For publishers, the B2B Good Gamer games offering will be a game-changing solution. Without having to invest any money on user acquisition, this approach will significantly expand Good Gamer’s userbase and reach. We’ll be focusing on apps with at least 100,000 users. In contrast to the Playcash app, which is only available for Android, the product may be integrated with both Android and iOS apps,” said Charlo Barbosa.

Good Gamer also announces that Praveen Varshney has resigned from the Board of Directors, effective October 31, 2022 to pursue other ventures. The Board thanks Mr. Varshney for his services and wishes him all the best in future endeavours.

About Good Gamer Entertainment Inc.

Good Gamer Entertainment Inc.(TSXV: GOOD) (OTCQB: GGAMF) is a developer of play-to-earn games, mobile apps, and platforms with several facets. Players are able to explore new gaming opportunities using the Playcash app. Playcash loyalty points can be redeemed for gift cards from the most prominent online retailer as well as prepaid charge cards from the two most widely used credit card providers.

For further information: James Young, Corporate Development, E-mail: [email protected],

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